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How Do I Learn All of This SEO stuff

Frequently, I try to share how the search engines work, and how to work with them to get your site ranked well.  Quickly, I get the response – I am busy, How do I learn all of this.  Well you don’t need to understand it all, but you can start understanding a bit a time. One of my tools for helping others is CommonCraft videos

I continually am amazed at the work that Leo and the team at ComonCraft put out for explaining complex ideas.  Their short video tutorials are awesome for getting the ‘story’ on concepts in just a couple of minutes.  Plus their videos are very sharable – just email or post the link such as . Here is one on Web Searching on Search engines. These would even be great on a 3rd screens (cell phones, iPhones), if you can get YouTube and other videos on your smart phone.  That makes them great for sharing with others you may be trying to explain something to.

One warning though – while the videos are short (2.5 minutes typically), it can be addictive to go wandering into a bunch of  the other tutorials. Next you know it is lunch time and you are far brighter, but behind on work. Plus, you may start using your hands a lot more in describing concepts.  With that warning – Have Fun.

What is your favorite tool for learning new concepts?  Add a comment so that we all can learn how best to learn quickly in this fast paced world – DidYou Know 3.o

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