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Ideas for Using Linkedin For Business

Are you looking for a few ideas on how to use Linkedin?  Try looking at the article  33 Ways to Use LinkedIn for Business

The key idea here is to start looking at tools beyound the initial headline, and start looking at them with the entrepruneal spirit of your business or website.  Linkedin is very much respected by Google.  Many websites link to Linkedin, so Linkedin linking to your site is a good ranking assist.  Especially if your page in Linkedin is related to your website.  Do you start to see the synergy developing? The more you contribute, the more opportunities there are to link to your website.

Don’t forget to check out the comments.  This is where you can expand your insight from 2 points of view of the authors to many more based on the comments posted.  Also post your own comments and reactions – again they allow you to create links back to your website, as well as demonstrating your expertise, and by extension your websites’ epxertise.

So, remember to keep looking at the many varied tools on the Internet in how they can assist your goals today.

If you do not feel you are creative, then get into conversations with creative people on the web or off the web to see how different tools can be applied to your situation to promote your website.

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