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What is the best tool for creating Keywords?

One of the steps in a good search engine optimization strategy is to create a list of keyword phrases to focus on. While it might seem you want to rank well in everything, it actually can generate a lot of waste (you really don’t want someone calling you who is not a real prospect).  Additionally, it is impossible to rank well in everything. So the next step is to determine what you do want to rank well in.  How to determine your list of keyword phrases? Read Chris Anderson’s “The Long Tail” which discusses focusing on more complete phrases rather than a single keyword.  There are a lot of articles that explore that in depth, but in the world of automation, computers can be a great help.

It is not the best, but certainly the place to start – Google’s keyword tool. – it’s integration into itself for knowing what to really focus on, and use for and AdWord campaigns make it a logical 1st stop for most. Of course, for many clients the price is also useful – FREE.

Another tool that has been around since the last millennium is Wordtracker – they have a free 7 day trial. I have used them on and off over the years, and have not been disappointed.

This still requires you to come up with some initial phrases and if you miss entire areas, the tool may not recommend them.  For example, if do not mention any geography in your phrases, more than likely the tools won’t. If you only use industry jargon, then it may not recommend lay versions of the term. So be sensitive to how your audience will be looking for you. Not how you would look for yourself.  As always it is about the customer not about you.

What tools have you used and tried?


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