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Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile – Part 1

A client asked me to review her LinkedIn profile. While her intention was for job search preparation, the concepts for self promotion or business promotion are the same. So I will share my suggestions with you in these series of posts. If you would like a review of your profile, feel free to ask.  The comments are a lot scattered, so dip and skim for what applies to your situation as usual.

Remember that LinkedIn is a professional toned site where there is a sense of verification by having others in your connection ‘valid’ what you share. I would put the key tenants of the community in this order:

  • Validation by connections. The more connections you have the greater the validity you have. There is a caveat to this that tends to happen over a 1,000 that relates to depth vs. breadth in your connections that I won’t go into here. Suffice it to say, try to get all the valid connections you can up to around a 1,000. After that look at the issue closer and make your own judgment on strategy.
  • LinkedIn is not a 1 page resume. This is the place to be reasonable about describing what you have accomplished and how it can be useful in your next project. Using more words, makes it easier for someone to:
    • get to know you,
    • be able to search for you,
    • determine if they want to have you be part of a team. It is your marketing piece.
  • Your profile is your walking portfolio. Put as much meat as you can to let others understand why they want you. This is not the place to force someone to ‘ask you in the interview’. If you don’t sell them on you here, there will be no interview.
  • A place to give back – there is a lot of places to be in community. That means  listening actively –
    • asking questions,
    • participating in the conversation,
    • sharing your wisdom
    • sharing your ignorance and allowing others to demonstrate their knowledge
    • sharing your unique perspective.
  • A place to demonstrate. Your participation in groups, your posting what is happening, your complete profile, your sharing of reading and other activity, your involvement in events all demonstrate your ability to communicate clearly and succinctly while giving. This is what almost every person looking to buy your services; whether a job or your business or your services.

With that outline, I will pick up next week on how to optimize your profile.

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