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Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile – Part 2

Last week we started looking at how the powerful social networking tool LinkedIn can help you promote yourself or your business. This week we continue with some specific recommendations based on a clients request to review her profile.  If you would like your profile reviewed, please contact me.

Like all projects, it is important to know what your goal is. Marketing of yourself or your business is certainly no exception. So identify what you are trying to accomplish as specifically as possible.  Get a job is not as specific as ‘get a job earning at least 80,000 in the Chicago area in the next 2 months as an accountant using my international skills’

The power of LinkedIn is it ability to create connections. That is also where you build your reputation and validate what you share in your profile. Anyone can say they walked on the moon if they are anonymous, but if your are saying you walked on the moon, and hundreds of your colleagues can see you saying that. And those connections that worked with you don’t scream. Or visitors know they can check with those connections to verify your claims, then you are more likely to have been an astronaut.  Therefore, it is very key to build your connection base. Here are some other steps to build your marketing of your portfolio:

  • Get more connections.
    • There are 68,000 listed under for the current company you work at alone.
    • I would re-import your email address book at work and at home once a month to invite everyone you know into your network. Not everyone ‘gets’ LinkedIn at the same time. I am constantly finding new people that are just getting on it. In addition, people use different addresses on their LinkedIn profile then you may be using.
    • Look at the CC’s on some of the emails you are getting (especially at work) and add them to your address book. That will allow you greater ability to invite others into your network more easily. It will also allow easier contact should you or those people ever change situations. The key is relationship over the long term. This exercise is just getting the relationship started to the next level.
    • Look at old emails that may have older email addresses – these may have the addresses that others have used to register their LinkedIn accounts (not everyone has all of their email addresses registered with LinkedIn).
    • Turn on the ‘Collect’ feature of your email client to automatically add all addresses you send to automatically to your email address book. Again the address you use to get to Harry may not be the one that Harry registered at LinkedIn. But it may be one he uses when he emails you next week.
  • Register as many email addresses as you have ever had with LinkedIn (old work addresses, Yahoo, Gmail, MSN,…., alternate domain names (, BigCorp.USA, …). Hopefully, others are following the same advice so you can also find them.
  • Ask friends to review your profile, just like you would your resume.

Next week we will continue to look at recommendations how to improve your meeting your goals with LinkedIn.

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