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Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile – Part 3

Last week we continued looking at how the powerful social networking tool LinkIn can help you promote yourself or your business. This week we continue with some specific recommendations based on a clients request to review her profile.  If you would like your profile reviewed, please contact me.

  • Add everyone you know from your Church and other social groups
  • Look through other’s connections to see who you know.  When you look at others profile connections, reach out to those you know. LinkedIn will try to recommend who it thinks you have in common, but that will be slow and not as accurate as your own memory.  You need to keep working this, as it allows you to remember other circles of acquaintances you may have forgotten about.
    • Look through who I have, and add everyone you know. If you need introductions (because you do not have their email address), feel free to ask me. Especially for church (or those you feel comfortable letting know you are trying to develop your profile) ask for introductions.
  • Join new groups
    • 4 this 1st week (since you have so few currently), then 2 per week afterwards until you approach the limit of 50 groups.
    • Contribute a comment or post or question on each one. These groups are places for you to be able to give back and demonstrate you ability to communicate. Give information and wisdom. Remember most people are in a different place, many will have far less background then you have, and none will have the unique perspective that you have earned through life.
    • I would start with the groups most interesting to your your next ‘ideal’ job.
    • Then join alumni groups to past work groups and schools.
    • You can set up a separate email address for tracking conversations (gmail is great and of course free). See people you know, but don’t know their email address, join a common group and you can add them to your network through the group. You should probably be in one of their groups anyways.
    • You can have up to 50 groups, then you can start rotating groups based on your needs to learn and give back to the conversations while you expand your network.
  • Go back and add all your contacts from past jobs and schools.

Next week we will continue to look at recommendations how to improve your meeting your goals with LinkedIn.

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