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What To Look At Next?

From John E./22/M/Pittsburgh,PAI need a subject about something that effects the world of IT that will be soon/today or will be in the future. Any ideas? The last essay I wrote was on gesture controls with hand motions.

A few topics I would be looking into and sharing with your audience. The key theme:

  • Nanotechnology –  Especially what controls we have for what we do not fully understand. When the laws of physics change, so should our ways of protecting ourselves.
  • iPad and its effect on Advertising –  How will the marketing world adapt to iPads and tablets (2010 version of tablets not the last 3 versions of tablets) and the greater desire for Internet connection.
  • Security – This falls into so many areas. Personal, corporate, reality vs. science fiction, sense of security.
  • Security of copier/printer/fax machines on privacy – In general this is a canary in the coal mine. Most organizations are concerned about their needs. What about when the are careless about others needs. The information left on a printer may not impact the organization, but what about its employees or its customers or its potential customers?
  • HIPAA 2.0 on different parts of our world (chiropractors, lawyers, insurance co, consultants, IT workers),
  • EMR – the effect of electronic medical records or  MHR (medical health records) on the it industry (1st time trying to design a data record to be good for 100 years rather then a ‘few’ years).,
  • Gulf Oil Spill and Open Source – How open source solutions can be applied to gulf oil spill (like it was/has been applied to Hati),
  • Haiti Earthquake and Open Source – Follow up to open source solutions for Haiti earthquake – immediately after the earthquake in Haiti, many creative people started leveraging the lated technology both hardware, and software including Apps, and various open source tools to create better version for helping those in need, or those organizations that were assisting. Some of these have continued to be improved. Some have been moved onshore, and some abandoned. A closed look would be appropriate.
  • 4th of July-how low cost data access affects our democracy (looking at the 1st and 2nd derivatives)- who has access to the ‘rollups’,
  • Personal Privacy
    • Who has access to the ‘raw data’ collected on each of us? What about the data collected about our small businesses? What about the data collected on our elected officials, from school boards to US Senators?
    • Who has the rights to resell the data?
    • Who has the rights to correct the data? After 1,000 credit reports, I can tell you there is a lot of mistakes in our data. Most is not intentional from what I have seen, but that does not mean it can not have adverse affects.
    • Who has the rights to manage the data?

There are a few other ideas, it depends on who your IT audience is. Feel free to contact me more for a dialog. I have been looking at IT for 30 years.

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