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Thinking where to host your web site?

1st Identify what you need from a hosting company. For the next 18 months. You can always switch providers if you build that into your plan (highly recommended). Web hosting is the equivalent of renting your home. You do not need to find the ‘perfect’ place for all your needs forever, and their job is to maintain the property.

If you are planning on looking at their templates (for simple sites) – as someone who understands, where the limitations of templates are, before you try to box yourself in. If you need big closets and the apartment is only 1100 sq ft, you are going to be disappointed.

Just like landlords that can only effectively meet the range of a renters and not the needs of everyone need cheap, secure, location, size…., hosting companies specialize in a range of hosting needs. Those outside that range will be frustrated.

There are a few other steps after identifying you needs and goals, but reviewing other hosting reviews is a solid step.

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