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Computer Challenge – How to Create a Bootable Disk or Thumbdrive

From Oren S./M/Newington,CT)
Whats the best way to create a bootable disk?

It depends on version of OS you need. The nice part of today’s computing world, is that most OS’s can read most files. MAC, Linux can read Windows NTFS file structure, so this issue may be less of an challenge then 1st thought. UBCD (as in Ultimate Boot Compact Disk) from (a CBS site of shareware programs that are pre-checked for virus’) is a good tool to load a few programs to create a bootable CD.

  • Start Menu|
  • Run|
  • CMD|
  • Format a:/sys if you still have a 3.5 diskette.

You can create a CD or a DVD that is bootable, but that is tricky in MS Windows since putting a copy of the boot program is a part of MS Windows and may be considered copyright issues. There are utilities that will facilitate the effort of allowing you to boot to your own computer using your own license of the software you purchased. is a good place to start looking.

There are other tools built into MS Vista and I believe MS Win7, but I am not as familar with them. You can also use UBCD to create a bootable thumbdrive or USB drive, if you can have your PC boot from USB port. Otherwise the install disks that may have come with your PC as operating system may work. There is often a utility installed on your computer that will allow you to create a set of install disks.

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