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Will Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Still Matter in 2017?


Google has changed its algorithm to four (PPC) pay per click ad’s for some SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) back in February 2016. Some wondered at the time about the SEO impact. The result has been a reduction in available ad space by removing the right side ads. This has led to increased pay per click inflation rates. This has increased the urgency to rank for those that understand the business impacts.

The other day, I spoke with David Dalka of Fearless Revival about this issue. He stated, “With pay per click inflation on the rise, SEO matters more than ever. SEO can have profound positive cashflow effects over time. It is important that Chief Financial Officers and Chief Executive Officers need to understand these concepts to manage marketing effectively. They can then manage their marketing teams to the right success metrics.” David brings up a good point. Digital marketing channels have distinct business and P&L (Profit and Loss) impacts.

SEO will continue to matter in 2017. Some of the reasons it will be significant:

So yes, SEO will continue to matter in 2017. Google has been reinventing itself to provide relevant experiences on mobile phones. But, at the same time, management teams need to move away from using only technical SEO. They need SEO that focuses on the customer and brings relevant monetizable traffic. Web traffic that can be tracked on the P&L sheet. To do this, the role of the CMO needs to be reconsidered. Questions? Contact me to discuss.


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