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Who is SEODamian?

Is your website reaching its full potential?  If not let us help you out.

For 21 years we have been producing results – Traffic, Prospect Inquiries, Phone Calls to Your Office, and most importantly SALES for clients using the Internet – websites, and email.

Let us briefly discuss your vision and objectives to see if we can assist you.  While our list of successes is long, one brief example might wet your appetite – we grew the Internet side of one retailer from 2 orders a month to $1 million a month in online orders using search engine optimization, and email marketing in just 13 months.

We have a variety of ideas on how to optimize your business’ site for more traffic. But traffic alone is a waste of bits. We will gear your traffic towards results and profit.

We can offer solutions that range from simple (a quick phone conversation, where I will gladly share for the high price of a smiling voice) to consultative (let us get together for a lunch and a small fee to let you pick my brain of 21 years of web marketing experience) to structured (there are a variety of models).

Your Goals and Your Objectives determine the approach we can take to best work with you.  Some of the custom approaches that have increased profits for our clients in the past are:

  • Monthly rate
  • Pay per visitor
  • Fee per Phone call,
  • Fee per Email
  • Fee per Form filled out
  • Percentage of sales
  • Flat fee for services
  • Mix and match of the above approaches
  • Custom Solution Specific to Your Business Situation and Needs.

Rather then point you to a fancy website with a lot of fluff, or a 20 page whitepaper, we ask you to call us and cut through the jargon and speak on your terms. The biggest reason, we are not sure what your true objective is, so we currently have no idea what solution makes sense for you.  So we will ask you to trust us this far – call us at (312)554-5009. Let us have a no pressure conversation where we get to learn your needs, we will share some tips and ideas. Then let us see if we can work in partnership to let you meet your objectives.

Another reason we don’t have a fancy website, to be brutally honest; we would rather put the effort into marketing your business rather than our’s.

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