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SEO Definitions

In case you were wondering what that term meant, here is our definition of what certain words mean…

3rd Screen – Mobile screen after 1st screen of TV, 2nd screen of PC the third screen is your mobile screen on a cell phone, PDA or other mobile device. The new iPad and tablets straddle the 2nd and 3rd screen paradigm.

PPC – Pay per Click

CPC – Cost per Click – A way of measuring your cost of marketing. Or at least one of the steps towards a sale. This is an average number, how much on average, does it cost to have a person click on an ad to look at your website.

META Tag – The code within a website page that is used to tell search engines and other pages looking at your site what the site is about. Originally its key use was for identifying the Keywords, Description, Title and other key ‘attributes’ of what your site is about. Since these are often abused, most search engines ignore them. But they can be helpful in some areas in better understanding a page without having to more fully read it.

ALT Tag – ALTernative Image description Tag – What an image/picture is trying to communicate when you don’t get the image (on mobile, slower connections, or read only views by browser plugins)

Bread Crumbs – A tool on a website that help indicate the path you took to get to the current page from the home page of a site.

Google Spider

GTD – Getting Things Done


SPIN Selling Model


UCG – User Generated Content

Headlines H1, H2, H3

Search Engine



4 Hour Work Week


Google Spiders –

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