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How do I get ranked Higher?

I’m trying to get higher on the search engines when “grief” and “widow” is entered but that is not as easy as it sounds. All advice is appreciated.
Mary Francis

Sorry if this sounds harsh, but it is intended to be helpful, not mean.

I would suggest a variety of steps to improve your SERP (Search Engine Results Page):

  • Register your domain name for at least 2 years. If you don’t have confidence in your site for at least another $11 (2nd year cost at , then Google will not think you are serious about your site, and therefore not treat you seriously.
  • Get links from other sites to your site. Google knows of no other links to your page (I know because at Advanced Search I entered: at the bottom). To Google, that means, no one else has recommended you, so Google feels that since no one else thinks you are worth recommending, that you are not a very worthwhile site. Of course there is nothing wrong with promoting yourself with a blog (, social networking like Facebook and LinkedIn and others.
  • Add ALT tags that focus on what the different images are about including Grief and Widow. “Mary Cover” is not real helpful to the site impaired, mobile user, or Google search engine. However, “Book Cover for Sisterhood of Widows, A how to book for new widows” is a lot more helpful to Google and readers in understanding what the image is about.
  • Change “Widows understand Widows like no one else can” to a Heading rather then a ‘STRONG’.
  • Consider your wording. You have Widow 23 times on the page. Some search engines will see that as ‘keyword stuffing’ for the amount of text on the page.
  • Remember that these are very broad words that will have quite a bit of competition. I would recommend on a strategy that is more focused initially. This will build more traffic and buzz. Then you can attempt a broader focus. “widow’s grief” will be a lot easier. You will need to have the words next to each other to optimize for this and focus your work accordingly.
  • Since you have already created a PDF of the 1st chapter,
    PDF available

    PDF Available

    share the PDF wide and far. But consider updating your PDF to include the domain name in the properties, on a separate front page to link to your website (And a last page to order the book online), and the footer having the domain name on every page. Some of the search engines can now ‘read’ pdf’s and that will improve the links into your site. Be descriptive on the properties to make it easy for someone to understand what a great treasure it is when it gets forwarded without your website.

  • Consider using some of the free or low cost tools for measuring your site and telling you what you need to do to improve it. See my post on Google Analytics for a free solution.
  • Consider using the services of an search engine optimizer who will work with you personally short term and longer term to optimize your efforts either as a coach or a implementer.
  • Put links to the stores where your book is being sold.
  • Continue to update and expand the site. In the world of change (imagine 6 months ago not being able to go to most of the Florida 1350 miles of coastline this summer because of an oil spill). If you are not updating your site, SE will consider you irrelevant our our changing world. Add new testimonials, press releases, announcements of book signings, links to reviews, and your own on-going thoughts and learning on the subject. Sorry, the project is just beginning once the book is completed.
  • Consider other domain names that link to your websites that are simple – perhaps just short summaries of each chapter. Do not host all the different websites at the same company. Google will interpret them as spam and penalize you rather then reward you.
  • Consider working with a proofreader.
  • Commit to adding a least one new page per month to your website, and improving your existing pages.
  • Look to other sources to interview you as an author for podcasts and radio shows. These of course should all be linked to your website, as well as posted on your website.

Sisterhood of Widows

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