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Neuro Web Design

What is Neuro Web Design? And why is is so important?

Neuro Web Design is based on a book written by Dr. Susan Weinschenk. In an interview of Dr. Weinschenk by Joe Vitale, they discussed what makes people click. You can also see Dr. Weinschenk’s work on her website,

The parts of your brain – did you know you have 3 parts?

Most people design their websites based on logic and rational thinking. This is important, but its only part of the equation. The brain is made up of 3 parts, the old brain, the middle brain and the new brain. And all 3 must be engaged and addressed for a website to really work well.

The new brain focuses on what we say, how to clearly say it, and the organization bar in the designing of the webpage. This is good as far as it goes, but it won’t get people to do what you want.

The old brain is concerned with 3 questions, Can I eat it, Can I have sex with it, and Will it kill me? One of the more powerful things the old brain is concerned with is the fear of losing something. That fear is more powerful even than the fear of not having something. This is why ‘free’ on a website is so powerful. If it’s free, the brain isn’t concerned about losing it. That’s why its better to have free on the website, instead of buy one get the second for half off.

The middle brain is the emotional involvement. It is really important to get the emotional involvement. When the emotions are aroused, and this can mean any emotion, from fear, sadness, excitement and joy, the brain remembers things more. To get your reader on your page to do something,  get their emotions involved.

This also engages a feeling of trust, the feeling of safety and security. They will want to come back to your site more if they trust you.

The old and middle brains run more on an unconscious level. This is not a bad thing, but something to be aware of. The brain receives 11 million bits of sensory data coming in at a time, but can only process 40 at a time. You don’t need to be consciously aware of all 11 million, but you do need to be aware of them on some level. The unconscious mind is very powerful. In fact, most of the mental processing is done on an unconscious level. This has been determined by FMRIs, or Functional MRIs.

Stories engage the brain more than facts and figures do, so if you want to engage someone, tell them a story. The word ‘you’ is also very powerful in engaging people. Stories with basic archetypes are powerful, rite of passage, the hero story, rags to riches stories.

Limiting choices is also a better way to sell. People want more choices, but if they have too many choices, then they won’t buy. A study was done in a grocery store where they had 6 different jars of jam on one table, and 24 jars on another table. On the table with 6 jars, 40% of the people stopped by. On the table with 24 jars, 60% of the people stopped by. But, and here is the key, at the 24 jar table, only 3% of the people bought. At the 6 jar table, 30% of the people bought.

To summarize what you need to do to get someone to do what you want them to do on your webpage:

  • First be very clear on each page what it is you want them to do, click this button, buy that product, etc.
  • Then use the more powerful ways to get people to do what you want on the webpage, tell a  story, use old brain triggers, (sex, food, danger, fear of loss, free).
  • Don’t have too many choices.
  • Limit the length of text on the page. Don’t write in big long blocks of text.
  • Give them something before you ask for something. (Give them good content before you ask for their name and email information).  If they have to give you something first, they are not indebted to you, and don’t feel any obligation to give you anything. But if you give them good content first, then they will want to reciprocate and give you something back.

When you engage all 3 parts of the brain of your visitors brain, you will be more likely to get them to do what you want them to do. And when you do, they will come to your site, do what you want them to do, which will let the search engines know that this is a really important site, and it will rank higher.

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