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IRCE 2012 – BoldChat from LogMeIn (review from Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition tradeshow)

Another review from what I discovered at IRCE (Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition) tradeshow in Chicago, IL.

One of the more interesting solutions I found for eCommerce sites was from one of my favorite SaaS providers – LogMeIn. Logo of Remote access SaaS LogMeInThey have been providing great remote access for my remote support needs, as well as for many clients. LogMeIn is an easy solution to implement – a quick client based program, and you have the ability to access your (or your clients) computer from any current browser. It handles multiple monitors and has multiple layers of security. They have different levels of product from Free (really free) to enterprise.

LogMeIn has introduced BoldChat (they may well rename or at least redo the logo which looks like 3 different words) as a low cost chat solution, a midrange solution and an enterprise solution to go up against LivePerson.

The low cost option is Free – Can’t beat that cost, the limitations seem to be reasonable. The biggest limitations are how many chats per month, and how many concurrent sessions are running. This is enough to get most small ecommerce sites up and going, allow them to build those FAQ answers, and design how to organize your resources for prompt response. By the time the number of chats (750 per month) is becomes limiting, the next level should be a no brainer for your organization to fund at less then a fast food lunch is these days.

The basic level is $99 per seat per year or $9 per month. So for less then a Vonnage account, or RingCentral or any other telephony solutions (well maybe Skype can be less) you have a great way to be able to have chat. Complete with a  self documenting solution for building your business into a repeatable solution.

The enterprise level has more features, and does cost less then your typical rent for the desk space and share of a break room for your agent. This level will integrate into, have predictive messaging, better integration across team members and more reporting. At the enterprise level the mindset is to work more collaboratively as a team across your chat team.

logo and screen of BoldChat by LogMeIn with model of contact center worker

Is it BoldChat or BuildChat or …?

Chat is quickly becoming the expected norm in ecommerce to assist in providing excellent quality service to visitors who want to learn about your product. If you don’t provide enough service on the site, they will take there business elsewhere with the click of a mouse or often with a quick jump in the car. Chat is also an opportunity to see into the customers real needs and questions, rather then having to guess what they are looking for.  This tools allows you to collect real questions (in the way real visitors ask them, not how you think they ask them), and allow you to sculpt your most appropriate answers for re-use.

If you are planning on having relationships with your clients and will be using the Internet, plan on experimenting and testing with chat as soon as possible. It’s useful not just in answering a few questions while juggling another voice call, but also in having a self documenting way to collect answers for your next agents, and sales team members. These can be collected and put into a FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions (a whole other post). That is one of the easier ways to implement the systems approach of Michael Gerber’s E-Myth Revisited of working ON your business, rather then IN your business.

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Why Do the Search Engines Love Me? Why Do the Search Engines Hate Me?

I often hear the latter question whenever I tell people that part of how I market businesses is using search engine optimizations. Of course the next question is, Why? And the real question behind the question is ‘tell me the secret to getting lots of free traffic to my site without any work or money’.

Well one answer is along the lines of Timmothy Ferriss’  4 Hour Work Week – If your effort in the site is passionate, then you will not count it as work, and all you need to do is write to your audience and Google will love you.

The reality is Google (or Yahoo, or Bing) does not hate you, nor does it love you.  They are not even alive (ok a whole lot could and has been written on the personifcation on computers).  They are just algorithms that look at a lot of websites day and night, week after week.  They don’t care, they don’t judge. Judge as defined by

To form an opinion or estimation of after careful consideration: judge heights; judging character.

So while it is hard to get love from Google, that can work to your advantage. Think of it as the impartial, 3rd party that looks at how you communicate your message to others. It is the Terminator of website evaluation. It just evaluates.  Is it perfect, no, but it is highly efficient and its bias is not extreme.  How Google looks at your site is a pretty good indication of how people are probably looking at your site, relative to how other sites that are trying to communicate to your audience.

If you don’t have good content/information Google will tend to not rate your page/site well.  If you have a lot of good content (that is text based), you can expect a reasonable ranking of your site.

There are a lot exceptions, but most who consider that Google hates them really don’t have good content. Do you disagree – put a specific in a comment and we can start a conversation.  Recognizing this is a very wide open invitation, and responses may seem like personal attacks on the creator, I state I will only review the comments from the perspective of the machine that is running an algorithm of evaluating certain rules. It is just like your English Composition teacher saying your paper is too short – if the rule is 1000 words, and there are 990, you failed the test. It is not subjective, just count the words and look at the count.  I will help you understand the rules – they are typically a whole lot easier to understand than writing the composition paper in high school.

So, if you don’t have enough passion to get tons of traffic ‘naturally’, the next easiest way to get Google to evaluate you as a better result than other sites is to put more content on your site.  How to do that? Start with creating a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) collection from friends and family and staff and visitors, and put that on your site. More on FAQs to come…

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