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Do you Have your Eagle Eye up?

JD at Owlish Communications posted about  Time’s Man of the Year – Mark Zuckerberg. When you have a movie not just written about you, but shot, editted and released and an Oscar nominee before you are 30, you are on an incredible life track. But Facebook has changed the world.

Having the wisdom to listen enough to not sell out will allow him to call many shots for the rest of his life. It is interesting how quickly FB has become the new model of blogs and podcasts coming out of Silicon Valley. Now cutting edge is to disagree with the Zuck model. The movie Eagle Eye ( ) comes to mind often as the personification of what is inherent with FB when I think of Zuck and Facebook.

So a few take aways for me:

  • Listen to what others tell you (and do what is best for yourself).
  • Have passion and everything can be fun.
  • Understand the details, but focus on the big picture.
  • Believe in yourself, even if you have faults.
  • Be willing to adapt as you learn more about the world.
  • Be clear in your vision.
  • How you take care of your friends and business partners will reflect on you. Understand the consequences.
  • Find people who are at least as good as you are, and you will look smarter.
  • There is incredible power in collecting data.
  • Presenting data can be very lucrative, even banal data.

I have to go update my FB status.

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