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What Can I do to Build My Online Reputation?

Just like in ‘real life’ your online reputation is key to building trust and credibility. That trust and credibility is key to having visitors convert into customers who convert into fans. It is key to continually keep building your reputation with your potential customer base in all your online interactions.

One of the best ways to build your reputation if your niche is not a large category where you need to prove your expertise by printing 27 books, is to show your expertise on smaller questions.  Show the community that you understand and can explain what you know.  So what are some ways to do that?

  • Talk to the local Rotary, Chamber, BNI group, leTip or other community service organization.
  • Write articles for your customers, not necessarily for your peers – this might be for the local newspaper or consumer magazines.
  • Invite your potiential customers to breakfast and give a presentation.
  • Create a Blog and share your information.
  • Put White papers on your website.
  • Answer question on question websites.

What are question websites?  They are sites that collect answers to community asked questions, that volunteers answer.  Why would volunteers work to answer questions? Self promotion.  By answering the question, everyone reading  the answers can see you are the expert. Including the search engine experts.

Are you a local dry cleaner that knows how to remove stubborn stains – answer questions on Yahoo’s Answer (a site that Yahoo bought because it was such a great way to understand and generate traffic) – related to laundry and stains.  Build a profile and put links to your website.  Have more details on separate pages where visitors can get the full scope.

Are you a handyman that knows the secret to fixing squeaky stairs – post and answer questions at and let the world know they can trust you over the next guy. reviews how traffic at these sites is up.

This trend is part of why Microsoft rebranded its search engine to to go after the market that was going after – providing answers, rather than references.  These are great ways for the search engines to know what your site is about and why it should trust your site over others and rank it higher for the answers that visitors are looking for.

Once again – like a smile that you share – the more you share your wisdom, the more you get back from others.

The ultimate place to post articles is on Wikipedia. But be prepared – if you do not create very informational and really curb your marketing, the open nature of Wikipedia can allow you to be edited right out in hours. If you are posting information, try to site sources with high credibility. But if you can get your postings to stay up, that is a great way to create traffic to your site.

Any recommendations to your site are usually welcome, the more credible and liked your recommender is, the more it can help create traffic.

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